Poster Abstract

A Continuing Interprofessional Education Initiative (IPEI) to Improve Sepsis Care by Enhancing Healthcare Team Collaboration (P058)

John A. Owen (University of Virginia); Valentina Brashers (University of Virginia)


This CIPEI involves the following three activities: 1) complete an IPE faculty development program, 2) participate in an IPE sepsis simulation case, and 3) create a Sepsis Collaborative Care “Best Practices” Model.


To describe the development, implementation, and evaluation of this CIPEI.


1) Design and implement an IPE faculty development program to assist faculty in understanding IPE concepts and simulation as an IPE teaching strategy, 2) present the Sepsis IPE simulation case entitled “Interprofessional Implementation of the Surviving Sepsis Campaign,” and 3) translate IPE concepts to practice by creating a Sepsis Collaborative Care “Best Practices” Model.


IPE faculty program was positively received; activities 2 and 3 are in process.


Advancing IPE using simulation can address patient safety and advance quality agendas.

Future Directions

Provide new IPE experiences using simulation.

Funding Sources

Pfizer, Inc.


This CIPEI was funded by an educational grant from Pfizer, Inc.