Poster Abstract

A Fine Balance (P023)

Jane Tipping (Office of CEPD, University of Toronto); Susan Rock (Office of CEPD, University of Toronto); Maria Bystrin (Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto); Susan Abbey (Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto); Michele Chaban (Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto and MacMaster University); Kerry Knickle (Standardized Patient Program , University of Toronto); Nancy McNaughton (Standardized Patient Program, University of Toronto); Risa Freeman (Department of Family Medicine, University of Toronto)


This workshop is specifically designed for women working in the health professions who are aware of the relationship between life balance and health and yet find it difficult to find the time and resources needed to live that way themselves. It is a practical exploration of an issue that affects many professional women and provides tools for identifying and dealing with challenges that prevent women form taking as much care of themselves as they do of others.


An interactive workshop including brief presentations, group discussion and individual reflective exercises.


As a result of engaging in a variety of experiential exercises, participants will leave being able to articulate of how their thinking creates a cycle of stress, and to state and live by values of personal importance.