Best Practices / Research Oral Abstract

A Self-paced, Walk-by Interactive Learning Tour of “Lymphomas of the Skin” for Pathologists and Laboratory Professionals Using iPads and LCD Learning Stations (O013)

Suzanne Ziemnik (American Society for Clinical Pathology); Janice Sibley (Corporate Resources); 

Janice Sibley — consultant 


Create a self-paced, walk-by interactive learning tour as a novel educational format for pathologists and laboratory professionals attending the ASCP Annual Meeting. Methods: A 4-walled educational room for the non-CME learning activity was built on the exhibit floor. Five learning stations were set up along the inner perimeter of the room. Each station was outfitted with a single large LCD display for showing clinical images. A web-based iPad application was created to guide participants through the case-based educational segments at each station: (1) audio-based clinical history for the featured patient case; (2) text-based explanations of the clinical findings, lab findings, and/or diagnostic procedures shown on the LCD display; (3) audio-based differential diagnosis/conclusions; (4) text-based references; and (5) multiple choice questions related to the case. All five stations featured cases on lymphomas of the skin. Participants were each issued an iPad and headphones upon entering the activity room and instructed to visit any or all of the learning stations at their own pace, just as if moving through an interactive museum exhibit on their own. Results: Most participants completed all five learning stations in one hour. Applications: Content is web-based rather than a native iPad application, allowing for change from year-to-year without reprogramming the basic activity structure. The learning format could be applied to any type of case-based content. Future Directions: Expand with additional cases and topics, content focused to each audience segment attending the meeting, and answer storage to show a participant comparisons to answers submitted by peers.