Workshop Symposia

An In-practice International Medical Graduate Assessment Process — Be the Designer (W032)

Penny Davis, MD (University of Saskatchewan); Nancy Allan, MA (University of Saskatchewan); Gisele Bourgeois Law, MD, MEd, FRCSC (Associate Dean, Professional Development Acting Director, Evaluation Studies Unit Faculty of Medicine,University of British Columbia); Barb Porter (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan)


In this interactive workshop registrants will discuss the characteristics of a “Good” physician, priorize these characteristics and identify when they should be evaluated, review availble evaluation tools and match then to the characteristics desired. They will discuss the responsibility of evaluating an IMG for readiness to practice and also review the roles of Assessors, Preceptors and Mentors in the progress of an IMG from new arrival to independently practising physician.

Body of Abstract

All Canadian Provinces are expected to develop evaluation processes for IEPs which will meet criteria of the Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada. The great majority of these processes willl include both an in-practice evaluation and a period of mentored practice. This workshop will explore interactively the characteristics desired in a practising physician and ways in which physician-assessors can evaluate them in a practice setting. Registrants will also discuss the roles of Assessors, Preceptors and Mentors in the process of moving from newly arrived IEP to independently practising physician.

Funding Sources

For PD and NA the Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment Program (SIPPA)


To explore the ways in which Internationally Educated Physicians can be evaluated for practice readiness in a clinical setting.


An interactive session using brief presentations, group discussion, audience response technology and learning games

Expected Outcomes

Registrants will be able to describe the characteristics desired in a practing physician, the tools that may be used to evaluate these, the stage at which they may be used, and the roles of physicians who work with Internationally Educated Physicians.


P. Davis and N. Allan are Medical Director and Program Coordinator respectively of the Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment Program