Workshop Symposia

Assessing Clinical Quality/Patient Safety Performance: Moving Beyond Procedures and Toward Organizational Culture (W015)

Luis Salazar (Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center); Melanie Moore (Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center); Daniel Keatinge (Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center); Sandra Gonzalez (Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center); Dennis Kim (Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center)


Our medical center’s CME department, in conjunction with the Quality Improvement department, assessed clinical improvements for strategic patient safety initiatives resulting from ongoing interdisciplinary, interprofessional team work. Assessment revealed opportunities to shift the focus beyond clinical procedures and toward addressing organizational culture related to attitudes around communication. A comprehensive medical center-wide curriculum was implemented, achieving gains in shifting the culture around vital safety communication behaviors.

Funding Sources

This project was funded through the operational budget within Kaiser Permanente and received no commercial support.


To demonstrate a hospital CME department’s processes for improving clinical quality and patient safety through curriculum designed to shape organizational culture related to communication. Elements to be presented include methods for assessing organizational culture, engaging key sponsors and stakeholders within an institution, and leveraging multidisciplinary teams for developing a comprehensive curriculum to shape organizational culture. Successes and challenges will be addressed.


This workshop will consist of a presentation of the processes used for assessing organizational culture related to safety communication, developing and implementing a comprehensive curriculum, and measuring outcomes. Audience participation will be emphasized through the use of facilitated case studies in large and small groups and role play to highlight different perspectives.


Participants will be equipped to apply principles and methodologies presented in the workshop for developing a similar plan for implementation in their own institutions. This includes methods for assessing organizational culture, engaging potential partners within their institutions, developing curriculum to change organizational culture, implementation strategies, and outcomes evaluation processes.


The presenters have disclosed no real or apparent conflict(s) of interest.