Poster Abstract

Becoming CHE Professionals: Model for Engaging your Team (P016)

Jill Donahue (Excellerate); Janie Hubert (Abbott); Jim Shea (CCPE)


The poster illustrates a comprehensive learning plan to enhance CHE competencies and ignite a life long learning culture in an engaged team of CHE professionals.


Following a normative need to enhance professional standards for individuals with CHE responsibilities, new proficiency requirements will be implemented and will involve a CHE professional certification. In anticipation of this requirement we embarked on a year-long learning plan consisting of various learning formats to increase leadership; confidence and importance on 8 pre-identified variables. It was our hope that our model would lead to measurable outcomes to meet the new requirement.


Levels of CHE skills, knowledge and attitude were identified through a baseline triangulation model with CHE professionals (n=7) before initiating the year-long plan. The backbone for the education plan utilized the CCPE CHE course. The plan incorporated blended learning milestones to capture progression and outcomes.


While the project is still in progress, we hope to present percentage increase in confidence and importance on the 8 main learning objectives and provide examples of application outcomes.

Application and Future Direction

We anticipate that this model will encourage and strengthen the importance of a long-term, multiformat approach and show other CHE teams how to propel CHE expertise and contribute to moving CHE into a recognized professional discipline.

Funding Sources

Center for Excellence in CHE, Abbott


Jim Shea works for CCPE. Jill Donahue is a consultant and speaker at Excellerate.