Innovation Booth Abstract

Demonstrating the Use of Online Processes to Improve the Management of Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS) (B003)

Jeanne G Cole (Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University); Christopher D Braster (Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University); Daphney Wright (Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University) 


We will demonstrate an institutionally-developed, web-based system for managing RSS. The demonstration will show both the RSS planner/user side and the administrative capabilities of the system. This demonstration may be useful to other academic institutions involved in the planning, certification, monitoring, and evaluation of RSS.


In 2005, we initiated the development of web-based processes to more efficiently manage RSS. Initially, this was an online application; we quickly added a mechanism to capture information on each RSS session. Over time, the system has evolved. It now incorporates per session COI management, certification documentation, and integrates evaluation outcomes into future planning. End users can download flyers and COI summaries for posting at sessions, track session status and view real-time evaluation results compared to institutional benchmarks. Most recently, improved online reporting and monitoring were incorporated. Automated emails remind RSS contacts and CME staff when action is needed. Paper documentation is almost eliminated, replaced by electronic reporting. A robust web page provides access to a variety of resources, and supports ongoing improvement efforts.


Online systems make monitoring RSS session compliance with COI, disclosure, and commercial support relatively easy. Improved evaluations document impact on performance and link directly to future planning. Work flow is more efficient for RSS planners and the CME office. Ongoing review of needs coupled with improvements in technology will lead to continuing refinement of these processes.