Workshop Symposia

Designing PI CME Activities: The Team Approach (W018)

Meg Burke, MHSA, CCMEP (Senior Educational Partnerships Specialist, National Jewish Health); Esther Langmack, MD (Medical Director, Office of Professional Education at National Jewish Health, Director of Faculty & Community Education at National Jewish Health, Editor of Lung Cancer Frontiers); James Heichelbeck, PhD (Healthcare Research, Inc.)

An interactive presentation with panel discussion reviewing 3 PI CME activities, which were designed by the Office of Professional Education at National Jewish Health (NJH), in collaboration with several community networks of clinics, hospitals, and outcomes organizations. The session will illustrate the importance of designing activities to help physicians and multi-disciplinary teams improve their performance in order to better-serve their patient populations.


To share insights and outcomes from three PI CME initiatives to illustrate the importance of designing performance improvement activities for multi-disciplinary clinical teams, with the ultimate goal of improving patient care.


Interactive Session with Panel Discussion

Perspective of Presenters

Perspective from Meg Burke, Senior Specialist of Educational Partnerships at NJH, who collaborated closely with community partners to identify a need for this initiative, and design of the grant proposal. Esther Langmack, MD, NJH, is a co-chair for one of the PI CME initiatives, and also has extensive experience in both community and physician education through her role as the Medical Director and Director of Faculty and Community Education at NJH. James Heichelbeck, PhD, is a representative from the educational outcomes provider, which NJH has collaborated with for all three PI CME initiatives that will be discussed in this session, and has helped to design the structure of the collection of data.

Significance to CME and Participants

The session will provide useful tools and skills to CME professionals who are interested in designing these types of activities. In addition to discussion around outcomes that have been achieved through these projects, the speakers will share challenges, barriers and successes from these collaborative PI CME initiatives.

Funding Sources

The PI CME activities discussed during this presentation were supported through unrestricted educational grants from GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer.


No conflicts of interest to report