Best Practices / Research Oral Abstract

Educational Outreach: Supporting BC Physicians in Continuous Learning with an Accessible Multi-modal Strategy (O006)

Andrea Keesey (Division of Continuing Professional Development, University of British Columbia); Gurveen Grewal (Division of Continuing Professional Development, University of British Columbia); Chloe Wu (Division of Continuing Professional Development, University of British Columbia); Brenna Lynn (Division of Continuing Professional Development, University of British Columbia) 


The University of British Columbia’s Division of Continuing Professional Development (UBC CPD) is the only CME provider within the UBC Faculty of Medicine, which is the only medical school in the province. UBC CPD therefore plays a key role in the continuing education of BC physicians, aiming to provide highly relevant and accessible education. By reaching out to physicians with diverse learning needs, UBC CPD strives to provide education and engage those in rural areas facing geographical barriers and professional isolation.


At the foundation of UBC CPD’s education outreach activities are representative and strategic leadership and an agenda to improve patient health outcomes. The planning and delivery of programs are tailored with input from content experts, opinion leaders, local coordinators, feedback from past programs, as well as physician needs assessments and research findings.

Results & Applications

Outreach programs include skill-based courses, case-based community workshops, Rural Rounds and webinars. These programs are dependent on educational technology, faculty development and a train-the-trainer model for program delivery. Engaging rural physicians in learning within their local professional teams encourages behaviour change and practice improvement. Using a province-wide videoconferencing network, the Rural Rounds series broadcasts urgent and emergent topics, and is presented by peer leaders. Webinars recap major conferences on an interactive platform that is not location-dependant. Skill-based courses and case-based workshops promote situational and active learning.

Future Directions

In future, UBC CPD seeks to promote self-directed learning and learning in practice, encourage interprofessional learning, and explore ways to maximize use of interactive web-based learning.


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