Best Practices / Research Oral Abstract

Evaluation of the Internationally Educated Health Professionals’ (IEHP) Initiative in Newfoundland and Labrador (O002)

Lisa Fleet (Memorial University) 


To summarize the evaluation of the projects undertaken in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) via funding provided by Health Canada’s Internationally Educated Health Professionals’ Initiative. These projects have facilitated partnerships between government, the medical school, and health authorities and have resulted in an environment conducive to solving common problems related to physician recruitment and retention.


A detailed evaluation framework was developed for each project utilizing a logic model approach, specifying activities, outputs, and outcomes (immediate and long-term).


IEHP was launched in NL in 2006 with 4 sub-projects, which then became 7 sub-projects, and in 2010, 8 sub-projects. Project successes range from the creation of a recruitment brand and website (PracticeNL); Internet-based continuing education modules, for which high satisfaction, knowledge and confidence gain were reported; various training initiatives with educational and research components; increased regional partnerships and collaboration; and an extensive collection of evaluation data related to long-term outcomes and the impact of these projects on physician recruitment and retention in the province.


Each project addresses the strategic outcomes that have been identified as needing development or improvement in the province’s effort to recruit and retain international medical graduates. As well, they are enabling the creation of tools, resources, and services in a variety of areas, such as licensure/practice preparation, community integration, assessment, preceptor training, orientation, and mentorship that have value to both the provincial and national health care systems.


Health Canada’s IEHP Initiative funded eight projects in Newfoundland and Labrador. Each project was evaluated utilizing a logic model approach. Significant outputs and outcomes resulted from all projects.

Funding Sources

Health Canada, Internationally Educated Health Professionals’ Initiative