Workshop Symposia

Facilitating the Successful Integration of Licensed International Medical Graduates (IMGs) into Canadian Practice: A British Columbia Education Program (W011)

Harry Karlinsky (University of British Columbia); Tunde Olatunbosun (University of British Columbia); Chloe Wu (University of British Columbia); Brenna Lynn (University of British Columbia)


A program in British Columbia has been created to support the successful integration of International Medical Graduates into Canadian practice. This workshop introduces participants to strategies that have made the program successful, and engages participants in an interactive discussion of components that may be extrapolated for integrating other internationally educated health professionals into Canadian practice.

Funding Source

Program funded by Health Canada’s Internationally Education Health Professionals Initiative, administered provincially by the BC Ministry of Health


Each year, approximately 150-175 International Medical Graduates (IMGs) are granted provisional licensure and allowed to practice in British Columbia (BC) with identified limits and conditions, including practicing under supervision in an under-serviced area of need. The BC Physician Integration Program (BC-PIP) was established in 2007 to provide these IMGs with a comprehensive introduction to the BC health care system and provide ongoing practice support. Program components include an orientation conference, faculty development workshop to support IMG supervisors, electronic community of practice, Medical Council of Canada exam preparation courses, and monthly online webinar series. Our experiences indicate that the successful development of the program has been largely dependent on sharing ownership, partnering with key stakeholder organizations, and growing the program through analyzing stakeholder feedback and results from needs assessment and program evaluations. In this workshop we aim to suggest a model of establishing similar programs supporting licensed IMGs or other internationally educated health professionals entering Canadian practice.


Interactive plenary session presenting and discussing the challenges and solutions of the program; small group work to brainstorm core content and supportive aspects for an IMG program.

Expected Outcomes

At the end of this workshop participants will be able to (which may be extrapolated to other health professions):

  • Describe key elements to building a collaborative team for an IMG integration program;
  • Identify essential components of a comprehensive introduction to the Canadian health care system for IMGs licensed to practice;
  • Select approaches that enhance the effectiveness of ongoing support to IMGs licensed to practice.