Poster Abstract

Hospital CME Programs Improve Patient Care Through QI Partnerships and Grant Support (P036)

Jacqueline Mayhew, MS (Pfizer); Robert Kristofco, MSW (Pfizer); Maureen Doyle-Scharff, MBA (Pfizer)


This poster presentation will illustrate how a small grants program from industry can influence the integration and partnership of hospital-based CME offices with their Quality Improvement staff colleagues in order to measurably improve patient care.

Body of Abstract

In May 2011 Pfizer’s U.S. Medical Education Group announced new grant funding resources available specifically to CME departments of hospitals or healthcare systems. The purpose of the new initiative was to encourage the advancement of hospital CME from a primarily grand rounds-only model to a CME program model that actually targets specific and measurable improvement in the quality of hospital-based patient care. Our goal was to provide funding resources in a way that was appropriate to our place as a supporter of ethical independent professional education that positively impacts the CME/CPD profession as well as ultimately improves patient care. The Call for Grant Applications resulted in more than 50 grant requests and by September 2011 approximately 40 applications (80%) were approved for funding. Each grant request included specific information such as a the quality measures that would be implemented or improved, the quantitative baseline data summary, a description of project goals, the educational and QI methods to be utilized and the target quantitative measures of success. Results from these grant-funded projects will be shared on this poster presentation as available. The initiative is already considered to be a success because of the high quality of the project proposals submitted by the hospital CME Directors together with their quality improvement teams. This project could be replicated by other industry funders in terms of how to make the best use of available resources. In addition, the individual hospital projects highlighted on the poster should provide best practice ideas to other hospital-based CME/CPD professionals.


All authors are employees of Pfizer, Inc.