Poster Abstract

How Can E-Learning Help Physicians in their CPD Self-management Plan? (P028)

Marcel Borduas (Aptimed Inc); André Jacques (Collège des médecins du Québec); Pierre Raîche (FMOQ); Claude Guimond (FMOQ)

Today, using a simple computer, physicians are able to develop their knowledge based on their timely needs, thanks to online resources of their choice, at their own pace and wherever is convenient for them.


1. Identify the role that medical e-Learning could play in continuing professional development (CPD).

2. Understand the role of online learning environments in physicians’ clinical and professional reflection so as to facilitate their clinical decision and self-evaluation in their CDP.

E-Learning refocuses training on learning rather than on the transmission of information, so that e refers to new technology and learning directs the pedagogy and andragogy towards learn.

E-Learning, via online learning environments (OLE), is a content delivery tool that promotes a pedagogic approach, capitalizes on knowledge, and enables collaboration and communication among doctors.


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