Poster Abstract

If You Build It, Will They Come? Encouraging Registration for Distance Education (P091)

Jim Shea (CCPE); Jill Donahue (Excellerate)


CCPE’s most popular distance education course is “PERSUASION Rx: How to Influence Ethically”. What strategies did they use to stimulate registration and how did those strategies contribute to the popularity of the course?This poster outlines the surprising truth behind what is necessary to stimulate registration to distance education courses.


We created and implemented 4 strategies based on behaviour change research to stimulate registration to a distance education course and attempted to measure their impact in 2 ways:

1. We surveyed past and present participants.
2. We tracked registration numbers following the strategy implementation.

This poster illustrates each strategy and shows the link to registration numbers.


While the results are not yet known, it is hypothesized that one strategy will stand out as a superior motivator.


Building distance education is just one small piece of the puzzle. How we stimulate registration is key and the surprising truth of what needs to be done is illustrated in this poster.