Poster Abstract

Impact of a Remedial Continuing Education Program Incorporating Simulation (P094)

Shirin Jetha (Ontario College Of Pharmacists); Sandra Winkelbauer (Ontario College Of Pharmacists); Della Croteau (Ontario College of Pharmacists); Zubin Austin (University of Toronto); Anthony Marini (Martek Assessments Ltd); Diana Mourao (University of Waterloo); Nicole Agro (University of Waterloo)


The impact of the Professional Development Workshop (PDW) on success rates of pharmacists being reassessed on the OCP Peer Review was evaluated.

The Peer Review is a quality assurance assessment focusing on clinical knowledge and communication skills. Pharmacists are randomly selected to participate. Based on 13-year summary statistics, 89% of pharmacists successfully complete the Peer Review. Those falling below standards undergo remediation, and in some cases, reassessment.

The PDW is a remedial educational program to assist pharmacists that did not meet standards at the Peer Review. The program focuses on clinical knowledge and effective patient communication. Simulation, incorporating standardized patients, is a critical component of the PDW.

Overall success rate on first reassessment is 73%. Success rates post PDW, one of the resources available to remedial candidates, were evaluated.


Pharmacists who fell below on the PR were identified.

Results of reassessment candidates post PDW were compared with non-attendees.

Results of pharmacists in practice < 25 years were compared with those >25 years in practice. Feedback from participants was analysed.


Overall success rate increased after attending the PDW. Feedback from participants (one year data) of the PDW was positive.


The PDW enhances the success rate of remediating pharmacists.