Poster Abstract

Innovative Online testing and training solutions in a CE context (P006)

Greg Kureluk (Yardstick); Michael Tsao (Yardstick)

Health organizations require testing and training software platforms that are flexible and intuitive. The ability to provide courses and testing, both for formative learning as well as high stakes jurisprudence and knowledge assessment, is crucial. A system that allows for item development to occur online from anywhere in the world can create virtual collaboration and cost reduction. Item bank administrators must have at their fingertips all the reports and configuration options required to manage the item development and banking processes. Offering courses, quizzes, test, and even high stakes proctored exams on the same platform provide a plethora of flexible options for organizations. Add to this the creative application of e-commerce solutions in continuing education testing and training contexts. From the re-sale of retired exam content for practice testing, to selling online continuing education, to managing revenue streams via e-commerce. This session will showcase modern advancements in item development, banking, and test administration including visual, versatile, vivacious software that live up to the promise of unsurpassed scalability and flexibility. This session will also showcase the practical, innovative applications of e-commerce solutions in both high stakes and low stakes testing and training contexts. Attendees will get a sense of the landscape as it stands today and what options are available to health organizations. Learn what is possible today with an inventive, international, scalable platform and learn how it can be leveraged in a multitude of unique organizational contexts.