Late Breaking Poster Abstract

Integrating Patient Level Data and Practitioner Behavior Change to Increase the Value of a Medical Education Series (P117)

Matthew Frese (Quintiles Medical Education); Dale Kummerle (Bristol-Myers Squibb Medical Education)


  1. Identify strategies to incorporate the patient perspective into CME activities
  2. Define barriers and solutions to reaching a representative patient population for inclusion in a CME activity
  3. Identify the improved outcomes achieved by integrating the patient perspective into practitioner behavior change in a sequential learning medical education setting
  4. Lay out the value proposition to a commercial supporter for a program that reaches Moore’s level 5 and 6 outcomes.


The objectives will be addressed with examples from a multi-modal program designed to raise the standard of care provided to HIV patients throughout the screening, treatment initiation, and treatment compliance processes. The medical education series incorporates patient-provided information in both the design and execution of each activity. The inclusion of the patient perspective and the sequential nature of the program increase the value of the education for all participating health care practitioners. Change in participant performance over the series is captured. Multiple patient input points allow for the measurement of changes in both practitioner practice behavior and patient health, thus enabling the series to reach and measure Moore’s Level 5 and 6 outcomes.


Matthew Frese has nothing to disclose. Dale Kummerle has nothing to disclose