Poster Abstract

Intraprofessional Team Learning (IPTL) (P059)

Eric Peterson (Annenberg Center for Health Science at Eisenhower); Gordon West (Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower); Philip Dombrowski (Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower)

The business world uses action learning teams as a way of developing the professional skills of employees while simultaneously addressing important business issues faced by the organization. This workshop will describe the application of this format in the healthcare setting using intraprofessional teams to study and address a real clinical issue faced by their facility using quality improvement methods.


This workshop will demonstrate how organizations can use either intact or specially constructed teams to simultaneously develop the professional capacity of the team and its members while addressing a problem of interest to the organization. The facilitators will present 3 illustrative examples and lead a discussion of how the model could be used in other settings. They will present their experience using IPTL to address post-surgical delirium, glycemic control among medical and surgical patients, and maintaining long-term use of post-discharge medications after coronary intervention. Facilitators will lead an interactive discussion related to expertise, resources, and infrastructure required to support IPTL and how IPTL might be implemented in a variety of settings.


Interactive workshop

Expected Outcomes for Participants

  • Select projects that are appropriate for IPTL
  • Identify resources and infrastructure to supporting IPTL
  • Relate IPTL to traditional CME/CPD structures
  • Apply IPTL in their own organizations


The projects described were funded through educational grants from Sanofi, Pfizer, and Millinnium Pharmaceuticals