Poster Abstract

Key Elements to Consider in the Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of Performance Improvement CME (P085)

Cyndi Grimes, CCMEP (Medscape, LLC); Jane Lowers (Medscape, LLC); Jason Singer, PharmD, CCMEP (Lilly USA, LLC)




Innovations in Assessment in CME/CPD


Performance Improvement CME (PI-CME) is a valuable program to support physician continuous professional development. Designing the optimal approach that aligns with your target audience and quality measures to be addressed is critical to the success of the program. This session reviews the approach taken by one online accredited provider, which was based on a feasibility/tolerability survey of its membership.


Since the implementation of The American Medical Association Physician’s Recognition Award and the related credit system to recognize physicians who participate in CME activities to improve their clinical performance, different approaches have been implemented by accredited providers. Many factors must be considered in the design to ensure optimal participation and performance improvement. Medscape, LLC designed a PI-CME platform and recruitment plan that leveraged the self-directed nature of their membership and included other key factors seen as beneficial to participants. Insights uncovered during the development, implementation, and evaluation will help other providers design future PI-CME programs.


A didactic presentation with case study examples leads participants through an interactive session highlighting a successful approach to developing a PI-CME program. Data from a large survey of physicians on user preferences for PI-CME programs will be discussed. Best practices are described, including designing Stage A assessments that include ACGME core competencies and leveraging online technology to coordinate and document stage completion. Outcomes data from completed PI-CME programs are presented and data contextualized to provide real-world examples of key elements to consider in the design of PI-CME programs.

Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify key elements to consider when designing a PI-CME program
  • Describe the benefits and approaches to developing Stage A clinical practice assessment questionnaire that include ACGME core competencies

Funding Source

The development of the PI CME platform was funded by Medscape, LLC. The CME programs were funded by Lilly USA.