Poster Abstract

Language and Practice of Gender Competency in CPD (P073)

Marcel Dore (McMaster University); Denise Marshall (McMaster University); Khalid Azzam (McMaster University); Colleen McKey (McMaster University); Sheilah Laffan (McMaster University); Lynne Lohfeld (McMaster University)


We need to better understand what gender-competent education is at various points along the health professional learning-and-practice continuum, from undergraduate to postgraduate and post-licensure. This workshop will focus on roles that CPD providers could play in helping deliver content and practice in the area of gender competence beyond undergraduate and postgraduate training.


Through an interactive discussion and group game, we will explore and develop an understanding of gender competence as it pertains to the education of our health professionals. Participants will be challenged to identify areas of practice and teaching that deal with gender competence and find creative ways in which to increase awareness and practice for our post-licensure faculty, teachers and mentors.

Expected Outcomes

Participants will develop an understanding of how the challenge of gender competence is delivered through the educational continuum in health sciences education and begin to incorporate techniques for enhancement of gender competence into post-licensure continuing professional development.


No real or apparent conflict(s) of interest to declare.