Poster Abstract

Peer-to-peer and Participant-driven Interprofessional Learning: Piloting an Online Interactive Network in Type 2 Diabetes (P061)

Patrice Lazure (AXDEV Group); Cynthia Lebovics (Sanofi Canada); Paule Maltais (Sanofi Canada); Sean Hayes (AXDEV Group); Serge Goulet (GMF-UMF Charles Lemoyne); Lori Berard (Health Sciences Center); Alice Cheng (St-Michaels’ Hospital); Pravinsagar Mehta (Laxmi Centre)


An online interactive network will be formed, consisting of persons with type 2 diabetes, primary care providers and teams, equipped with a space to discuss type 2 diabetes care. Challenges emerging from discussions will be addressed through peer-to-peer dialogue. Unresolved or reoccurring issues will drive the development of adapted educational solutions that will be tailored to the concrete needs faced by participants. Evaluation of a 3-month pilot of this network-based, participant-driven learning approach will provide insights that will inform the development and deployment of a nationwide phase.


Substantive issues in the care of type 2 diabetes (T2D) include non-adherence to treatment and lifestyle recommendations, a lack of communication between care providers and patients understanding their roles, as well as a lack of empowerment for persons with type 2 diabetes to properly self-manage their condition. In response to these challenges, an online interactive network equipped with a space to discuss challenges faced in T2D care will be formed for persons with T2D, primary care providers and their teams. Through this network, participants will have the opportunity to obtain practical, easy-to implement solutions from their peers. Unresolved or reoccurring issues emerging from the discussions will drive the development of educational solutions that will be tailored to the concrete needs faced by participants, and will be adapted regionally. A 3-month pilot of this learning approach will be launched with professionals from selected clinics in the fall of 2011, and an evaluation will be conducted.


Twenty participants in the online interactive network and 15 persons with T2D selected from participating clinics will be recruited for an evaluation of the program, consisting of pre— and post45-minute semi-structured telephone interviews. Qualitative analysis and interpretation will be triangulated with other sources of data (web-usage statistics, activities’ feedback forms).

Expected Results

The findings should provide insights on the feasibility and impact of this online interactive network, as well as its value in facilitating peer-to-peer learning and providing participant-driven continuing interprofessional education. Conclusions will be used to develop recommendations regarding the deployment of a nationwide phase.

Funding Sources

This study was funded with the support of an independent educational research grant from Sanofi Canada.


CL and PM are employees of Sanofi Canada