Workshop Symposia

Performance Based Continuing Professional Development (W038)

Nancy Davis (Association of American Medical Colleges); David Davis (Association of American Medical Colleges)

Traditional CME has often been based on learners’ perceived needs rather than actual practice gaps. Today, with increasing access to clinical performance data, we are able to assess the actual needs of individual clinicians and/or practice groups. We will introduce a continuous performance improvement approach to CPD using practice based performance measurement; interventions for improvement, including educational and systems based processes; and remeasurment to analyze performance change and improved outcomes.

This symposium will present :

  • descriptions and sources for clinical guidelines and measures
  • recommendations for tailoring educational formats to learners’ needs and practice gaps
  • integration of healthcare quality improvement processes and techniques into CPD

Following a presentation of concepts, the audience will be presented a template for developing their own performance-based CPD initiatives. Presenters will guide and coach participants through the process.