Late Breaking Poster Abstract

Physician Learning Program (P112)

Keith Andony (University of Alberta); Chris deGara (University of Alberta); Ingrid Vicas (University of Calgary)

The Physician Learning Program is a physician-driven program at the University of Alberta and Calgary and designed to help physicians self-assess their current clinical needs and access high-value learning resources to meet those needs. Uniquely, the program achieves these ends by analyzing aggregated provincial data and physician’s own practice-specific data.As physicians address their educational needs based on an understanding of their practices and competencies, care for their patients and their practice will be improved.

The program is supported by joint steering committee that includes the Alberta Medical Association, The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, The Alberta College of Family Physicians, Alberta Health Services and Alberta Health and Wellness.

In relation to the congress overarching theme of “Learning and Assessment in CME/CPD” and the subtheme of Innovations in Learning in CME/CPD the Physician Learning Program has identified the following innovations.

1. Collaborative approach among two CPD providers in delivering programming 2. Multi-stakeholder approach to program review
3. Use of data and information to help physicians assess learning needs
4. Addressing both perceived and unperceived needs for physician education

The program is funded through the Alberta Medical Association physician benefit stream program


The Physician Learning Program is funded by the Alberta Medical Association through the physician benefit program that recieves funding from Alberta Health and Wellness.Presenters are employed through the Physician Learning Program.