Best Practices / Research Oral Abstract

Recall, Retrieval, and Reconstruction: CME Tests That Measure Learning Outcomes While Aiding Learning (O040)

Mary Grantner (RSNA); Francis Kwakwa (RSNA)


Recognize the utility of repeated tests as measures of the effectiveness of didactic presentations, and as means to aid the learner in retention and reconstruction of the knowledge initially presented.



Expected Outcomes

CME providers will develop various testing methods that will both measure the effectiveness of initial CME activities, and work as additional teaching tools.


In CME, we are often distracted by seeing tests as means to simply measure learner outcomes – can we show a change in physician practice? Recent studies in psychometrics and psychology have moved beyond such measures to demonstrate that tests themselves are tools for teaching. We argue that our brief tests distributed before, during and after didactic CME activities allow us to measure knowledge retention. More importantly, these tests are themselves means to aid learners in understanding and applying the knowledge to practice. Some brief discussion of the educational literature is included, followed by hands-on exercises to aid in developing the best testing tool for a given set of learners.


Both authors have nothing to disclose.