Best Practices / Research Oral Abstract

Supporting Simulation with Online Prerequisites (O014)

James Norton, PhD (University of Kentucky); Seth Anderson, BS (University of Kentucky)


This best practice presentation will describe a strategy for increasing the value of live simulation experiences through the use of online prerequisites. The program includes activities accredited for multiple disciplines. After attending the session, participants will be able to describe: 1) the structure of the program, 2) the core elements of the prerequisites, 3) the process of program development and 4) potential other uses of the model.


This program is intended to increase the value of live simulation experiences by assuring that all participants come to the simulation session with similar and adequate background knowledge and preparation.


During the expansion of our simulation, the CE office worked with faculty experts to identify content areas deemed necessary as prerequisites for optimal participation in particular simulations, e.g. code training, airway management. Presentations by faculty experts were developed and video captured with associated Power Point slides for online presentation. In addition, an online system was created to allow registrations for scheduled simulations following completion of all prerequisites. The system was further integrated with the institutional personnel management system so that simulation completion is recorded in participants’ records in the human resources system.


To date, six of the prerequisite modules are available online and one simulation is in place. Roll out of additional modules and associated simulations is ongoing. Acceptance of the methodology has been good.

Applications and Future Directions

We have begun using a prerequisite/live event model for other activities and believe the format has generalizable potential. For example, this fall, in our live family medicine review, three topical seminars/ case conferences will be offered that require completion of an online course before attendance.