Workshop Symposia

Teaching, Demonstrating, and Assessing Professional Reflection in CPD (W027)

Kate Hodgson (CEPD University of Toronto); Karen Smythe (College of Veterinarians of Ontario)


Throughout the Continuing Professional Development Cycle, Health Care Professionals’ ability to engage in accurate professional reflection is crucial to the effectiveness and success of CPD interventions/activities. There are challenges to teaching the skills of professional reflection across the continuum of medical education-in medical school, during internship and residency, and, after entering practice, during continuing professional development. There are additional challenges to documenting and assessing professional reflection.


This workshop will

  • explore methods of teaching professional reflection throughout the development cycle
  • review tools and approaches to demonstrate and record professional reflection
  • develop assessment techniques for demonstrated/recorded professional reflection


Interactive presentation and case studies using CPD tools

Expected Outcomes for Participants

After actively engaging in this workshop participants will be better able to:

  • describe professional reflection opportunities throughout the development cycle
  • explore challenges to demonstrating professional reflection
  • develop methods to assess professional reflection for themselves and colleagues


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