Concurrent Session 1

10:00 - THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2012

Room 202A Global Perspective
Moderator: D. Wentz 
Best Practices/Research O001 Global Health and Intercultural Education - Advice provided by Health Professionals in India
J. Wee, P. Finny

O002 Evaluation of the Internationally Educated Health Professionals' (IEHP) Initiative in Newfoundland and Labrador
L. Fleet

O003 Four-year collaboration in CME among Latin American Institutions
A. Margolis, B. Santiago, E. Martínez, J. Dapueto, L. Lorier, Z. Fernández, T. Forster, N. Miranda, C. Muñoz, A. López

Room 202B Instructional Design
Moderator: J Balmer 
Best Practices/Research O004 Using Modified Nominal Group Technique in Developing a Competency-Based Curriculum
B. Bellande, K. Benson, B. Gallo, M. Hamza, J. Huffman, M. Saulino, S. Siegel, M. Turner, S. Bennett, S. Heath,  M. Joseph, G. McGlothlen, M.E. Nelson, G. Sulley, C. Reese

O005 Implementing mLearning
D. Klosterman, E. Parks

O006 Educational Outreach: Supporting BC physicians in continuous learning with an accessible multi-modal strategy
A. Keesey, G. Grewal, C. Wu, B. Lynn

Room 203A    
Workshop/Symposia W001 Best Practices in Quality Feedback
B. Bean
Room 203B    
Workshop/Symposia W002 Approaches to Outcomes Measurement in Interprofessional Education
C. Subramaniam, D. Sheth, R. Vora, J. Watson
Room 204A    
Workshop/Symposia W003 Improving Health Outcomes with Well-Designed Communication Competency Training
M. Kostic, S. Hayes, L. Young
Room 204B    
Workshop/Symposia W004 Toward an Enhanced Understanding of Team Learning and Change
T. Tooman, C. Olson
Room 204C    
Workshop/Symposia W005 Knowledge to Practice - A practical tool to enhance presentation of evidence in CME programs.
M. Allen, P. McLean-Veysey
Room 205A    
Workshop/Symposia W006 Inter-professional Performance in Practice
K. Chappell, K. Drenkard, K. Regnier, M. Kopelow, D. Travlos, P. Vlasses