Concurrent Session 2

11:30 - THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2012

Room 202A

Moderator: N. David 
Best Practices/Research O007 Flying Blind: Facilitation of Online Interprofessional Education
D. Telner, H. MacNeill, E. Hanna, B. Soren, M. Lowe, S. Reeves

O008  Outcomes of a Continuing Medical Education Activity on Motivational Interviewing for Smoking Cessation Conducted in a Virtual World
M. Shershneva, H. Moore, JH Kim, C. Kear, R. Heyden

O009  Combating the Stigma Related to Mental Illness: An e-Learning Best Practice for Physicians and Other Health Professionals
T. Ungar, R. Weinerman, R. Glynn, L. Fleet




Room 202B

Social Networking
Moderator: S. Kitto 
Best Practices/Research O010 Social Network Analysis
J. Kues, M. Doyle-Scharff, J. Balmer,

O011 The Democratization of CME: Social network analysis of an online knowledge building community
L. Lax

O012 The development of a qualitative meta-ethnography web based tool
R. Barclay, M. Bell, S. Rock




Room 203A

Workshops/Symposia W007 Innovation in CPD: On Line SCTs to Induce Reflection on Controversial Issues in the Specialties
B. Charlin, C. Lamoureux, F. St-Germain, F. Bérnard

Room 203B

Workshop/Symposia W008 EnGAging an Inter-Disciplinary Team for NSCLC Diagnosis Personalized Assessment and Treatment
E. Dellert, S. Ziminick, T. Bruno

Room 204A

Workshop/Symposia W009 Informed Self-Assessment and Performance Feedback: Implications for Physician Self-Monitoring and CPD
J. Sargeant, H. Armson, K, Mann

Room 204B

Workshop/Symposia W010 Utilizing Appreciative Practices to Create High Performance Interprofessional Teams
J. Haizlip, A. Williams, N. May, J. Schorling, M. Plews-Ogan

Room 204C

Workshop/Symposia W011 Facilitating the Successful Integration of Licensed International Medical Graduates (IMGs) into Canadian Practice: A British Columbia Education Program
H. Karlinsky, T. Olatunbosun, C. Wu, B. Lynn

Room 205A

Workshop/Symposia W012 How to project if the impact of your educational activity will translate into measurable change in physician performance
M. Somasekhar, A. Bove, C. Rausch, A. Meyer