Concurrent Session 4

16:20 - Thursday, May 31, 2012

Room 202A

Diabetes Management Model
Moderator: B. Morrow 
Best Practices/Research O021 Understanding relationships between hospital- and community-based diabetes programs in a new model of diabetes care delivery in Ontario
R. Wong, P. Breiner, M. Mylopoulos

O022 Evaluation of an International Community of Practice in Type 2 Diabetes: value feasibility and lessons learned
S. Murray, P. Lazure, S. Schroter, M. Schaffer, P. Posel, T. Kellner, R. Jenkins

O023 Evidence into practice through synergistic partnerships:  Self-monitoring of blood glucose in non-insulin using diabetes
P. Dunbar, I. Fleming,  P. McLean-Veysey, M. Allen, J. Isenor




Room 202B

Moderator: V. Harrison 
Best Practices/Research O024 Enhancing the Quality Improvement Outcomes of the CCO HPB Community of Practice
S. Kitto, J. Peller, CA Moulton, S. Gallinger

O025 Educating for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (EQUIPS): Interprofessional Teamwork for Clinical Safety and Effectiveness
J. Patterson, A. Parekh, M Howard, L. Bresnahan

O026 Improving quality of care through a provincial standardized chemotherapy and biotherapy program
L. Rashleigh, D. McDonald, E. Green. T. Soong, J. Wong, MJ Esplen


Room 203A

Workshop/Symposia W019 Transitions in Practice: The evidence and practice of supporting physicians as they move through their careers
J. Lockyer, G. Bourgeois-Law, C. Campbell

Room 203B

Workshop/Symposia W020 The unique characteristics of reentry physicians and their impact on performance and remedial program design
M. Dupré, F. Goulet, J. Thiffault

Room 204A

Workshop/Symposia W021 Using Real-life Cases and Consequences of Response to Enhance Participants' E-learning Experience
L. Purcell, S. Halperin, L. Fleet, R. Glynn, C. Daniels, K. O’Brien, F. Kirby

Room 204B

Workshop/Symposia W022 CPD's Role in Aligning Institutional and Provider Activities with Regulatory Requirements
K. Nowicki, H. Ting, R. Berger

Room 204C

Workshop/Symposia W023 Designing a Comprehensive Quality Improvement Intervention to Enhance Performance through Professional Teams
S. Haines, K. Hofer, C. Klein, J. Webb

Room 205A

Workshop/Symposia W024 PRACTICUM Script Concordance Test as a new on-line CPD model focused on clinical reasoning
E. Pleguezuelos, B. Charlin, E. Hornos, C.Brailovsky