Concurrent Session 5

09:50 - Friday, June 1, 2012

Room 202A

Learning & Assessment
Moderator: M. Bell 
Best Practices/Research O027 Validation of the Manitoba Practice Assessment Program
B. Stutsky, M. Singer, J. Francois, R. Renaud

O028 Surgical Competence and Performance
P. Montgomery, I. Graham, D. Watters

O029 Evolution of CME/CPD: Integration of Different Learning Styles Throughout the Years for Quebec Family Physicians
P. Raîche, C. Guimond, M. Labelle




Room 202B

Moderator: L. Manchul 
Best Practices/Research O030 Assessing interprofessional challenges in the field of oncology: An approach to identifying performance and educational needs of healthcare teams in communication and collaboration
P. Lazure, S. Hayes, F. St-Germain, S. Verma, M. Trudeau, R. Gryfe

O031 The Accelerated Education Program: A framework for interprofessional Continuing Education to support innovation in Radiation Medicine
C. Gillan, D. Wiljer, N. Harnett, E. Lovrics, P. Catton

O032 All for one and one for all: Individual versus collaborative online learning in continuing education
H. MacNeill, E. Hanna, R. Lyons. B. Soren, A. Sparaggis




Room 203A

Workshop/Symposia W025 Interprofessional Simulation Instructor Groups Design Scenarios for Collaborative Learning
S. Escudier, M. Steele

Room 203B

Workshop/Symposia W026 Faculty Development for Academic Detailing: Recruitment and training methods
R. Morrow, E Tattleman, E. O’Connor

Room 204A

Workshop/Symposia W027 Teaching Demonstrating and Assessing Professional Reflection in CPD
K. Hodgson, K. Smythe

Room 204B

Workshop/Symposia W028 Needs Assessment: Personal Perspectives and the Role of EMR – How to improve needs assessment in continuing medical education.
D. Klein, L. Sherman

Room 204C

Workshop/Symposia W029 Aligning Institutional Quality Improvement and Education Efforts with Part IV Maintenance of Certification Requirements for Individual Physician Practice Improvement
R. Van Harrison, K. Morse Nowicki, RA. Berger, T. Kowalenko

Room 205A

Workshop/Symposia W030 Leveraging Change in Learner Preferences and New Technologies to Effect Better Outcomes
P. Bellman, C. Havens