Concurrent Session 6

11:20 - Friday, June 1, 2012

Room 202A

The Value of CME
Moderator: S. Capizzi 
Best Practices/Research O033 Promoting and Assessing Continuing Medical Education Learning Outcomes  Via a Personal Learning Plan©: A CME Best Practice
V. Reed, M. Turco, K. Schifferdecker

O034 Development of a theory-based instrument to assess the impact of accredited CPD activities on clinical practice.
F. Borduas, F. Légaré, A. Freitas, R. Laprise, A. Jacques, F. Luconi, G. Godin

O035 I Have a Dream: Our CPD Office is the Cornerstone for Value Creation In the Healthcare System
R. Laprise, C. Monette, R. Thivierge




Room 202B

Moderator: S. Ziemnik 
Best Practices/Research O036 Collaborative Needs Assessment Study
T. McKeithen, M. Ales, F. Pennington, C. Larrison, A. Holthusen, M. Bartlett, S. North, A. Cohen

O037 Designing Pre- and Post-Activity Competency Assessment for a Large-scale Annual Meeting Scientific Program
N. Bowers, A. La Barbera, P. Fenton

O038 A Survey Study of Resuscitation Skills Retention Amongst Health Providers in Newfoundland and Labrador
V. Curran, L. Fleet




Room 203A

Workshop/Symposia W031 THE ART AND SCIENCE OF FACILITATION: Shifting the Teacher Learner Paradigm
K. Knickle, N. McNaughton

Room 203B

Workshop/Symposia W032 An in-practice International Medical Graduate Assessment Process- be the designer
P. Davis, N. Allan, G. Bourgeois-Law, B. Porter

Room 204A

Workshop/Symposia W033 The Value of Webcasting for Ongoing Learning
B. Giuffrida

Room 204B

Workshop/Symposia W034 Developing and Applying a Mini-Audit Model: a Tool for Continuing Professional Development
D. Wooster, A. Dueck, L. Manchul, E. Wooster

Room 204C

Workshop/Symposia W035 Planning Committees: the Gatekeepers to Innovation in CME/CPD
E. Lindsay, M. Allen, H. Armson, P. Hendry, J. Takhar

Room 205A

Moderator: J. Kues  
Best Practices/Research O039 An Approach to Evaluating the Impact of an Overall CME Program
B. Barnes

O040 Recall Retrieval and Reconstruction: CME Tests That Measure Learning Outcomes While Aiding Learning
M. Grantner, F. Kwakwa

O041 The Effects of CPD on Physician Performance
E. Wenghofer, L. Carter, K. Ferris, B. Marlow, C. Campbell, W. McCauley