Concurrent Session 8 – Innovation Booth

16:00 - Friday, June 1, 2012

Room 202AB - Moderator S. Rock
Innovations Booth B001 Managing Practice Assessment Data Through a Forms and Information Management System
B. Stutsky, M. Singer, J. Francois,


  1. To demonstrate functionalities of the Manitoba Practice Assessment   Program (MPAP) Forms and Information Management System.
  2. To discuss the lessons learned in the development of the MPAP system.
Room 202AB
Innovations Booth B002 ThisChangedMyPractice: A novel online educational initiative to promote practice improvement for physicians
B. Lynn, S. Wong, N. Zoric, T. Barker, C. Wu,


Support practice improvement for physicians with an easily accessible and interactive online learning blog


  1. Showcase ThisChangedMyPractice (TCMP) - an open-access, online educational blog designed to share key insights into significant practice changing recommendations
  2. Demonstrate key features of, its ease of use, and engagement of key physician opinion leaders and physician learners
  3. Highlight reader-to-author and-to-reader multi-way discussion that provides active learning
Room 202AB
Innovations Booth B003 Demonstrating the Use of Online Processes to Improve the Management of Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS)
JG Cole,  CD Braster, D. Wright,


The purpose of this session is to demonstrate a web-based system that supports the planning, certification, monitoring, and evaluation of institutional Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS).  The learner will explore the system from two perspectives (RSS planner and CME provider); however, emphasis will be given to the provider perspective.  We will discuss the efficiencies of online processes for both planners and the provider.  We will also explore how these processes led to improved evaluation data from the notoriously difficult-to-evaluate RSS activities, as well as improved links between evaluation and planning of institutional RSS.


  1. Review the evolution of a system for managing certified-RSS at an academic medical center
  2. Describe the components of a system for managing RSS in compliance with ACCME requirements
  3. Explain how the components of this web based system interrelate
  4. Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of an online RSS management system
  5. Describe how the system supports improvement in RSS on multiple levels
  6. Assess their own systems for managing RSS to identify areas where web-based processes would be beneficial
Room 202AB
Innovations Booth B004 Patient Safety Profiling Tool
T. Holt, B. Bird, B. Jolly,