Concurrent Session 9

09:50 - Saturday, June 2, 2012

Room 202A Learning & Assessment
Moderator: T. Dorman 
Best Practices/Research O042 Implementing Adaptive Mentorship© to Enhance Learning
E. Ralph, K. WalkerO043 How to assess clinical performance of radiologists: the structured oral interview
F. Goulet, J. Thiffault, M. Dupré, R. Ladouceur, L. Samson, JF Desjardins, G. Mérette, N. Charlebois, Y. Drouin, S. Groleau, D. GilbertO044 Global implementation of a competency-based curriculum for spine surgeons
L. Rhines, C. Bellabarba, M. Cunningham, J. Thorley Wiedler

O045 An application of a 360° survey as a measure of CME efficacy in performance change
B. White Williams, W. Swiggart, M. Williams

Room 202B Show & Tell / Tips & Tricks
Moderator: D. Wiljer 
Best Practice/Research O046 Doing it right: The promise of diagnostic reporting in a CE context
G. Sadesky, G. PopeO047 Show-it-Better:  Ten techniques to edit and optimize images for presentations
E. Wooster, A. Dueck, T. Moloney, D. WoosterO048 From Sleepy to Sensational: Making Memorable CHE
J. Donahue
Room 203A    
Workshops/Symposia W036 Teaching Cultural Competence Part I
K. Fung, L. Andermann, HT. LoW037 Teaching Cultural Competence Part II
K. Fung, L. Andermann, HT. Lo
Room 203B    
Workshop/Symposia W038 Performance Based Continuing Professional Development
N. Davis, D. Davis
Room 204A    
Workshop/Symposia W039 C-ME SoMe Educate me: A practical guide to the use of Social Media in CME
M. Pavanm, L Sherman
Room 204B    
Best Practices/Research O049 Utilizing Theatre to Modify Stigma: A Knowledge Translation Study in Bipolar Disorder
S. Parikh, E. Michalak, V. Maxwell, J. Livingston