Gabrielle Kane

Gabrielle KaneGabrielle Kane was born in London, England and obtained her medical degree from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland in 1975. She moved to Toronto, Canada in 1983, and, after several years in general practice, decided to become a radiation oncologist. She completed residency training in 1996, and then entered a two-year research fellowship in Health Professional Education at the University of Toronto, obtaining a Master’s degree in Education before joining the faculty at Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto as a clinician-educator. In 2005, she obtained an EdD from the University of Toronto. Her thesis examined the impact of change on professional practice, and described a new model of learning and change in a technological multiprofessional practice. Her academic interests include professional education and development, specifically; implementation of change, practice-based learning, interprofessional team learning and CME research methodologies. She has held many leadership roles in Canadian and American organizations related to CME/CPD. She is currently president of the Society of Academic CME, and one of the leaders of the SACME CME Consensus Initiative

In Summer 2007, Gabrielle left Toronto, and moved with her husband, Peter Neligan, a microsurgeon, to Seattle for a new adventure in the Pacific North-West. She is an Associate Professor at the University of Washington with joint appointments to the Department of Radiation Oncology and the Department of Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education, and the holder of the Alexander Rodney Muir Professorship in Radiation Oncology Education.