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P105What’s the BUZZ about BUZZ? A Workshop to Enhance Communication Between Health Care Professionals and Patients
P106A Co-developed Accredited CME Program Using a Combination of Pre-recorded Digital and Live Media to Provide a Unique Educational Activity
P107Insulin Order Sets, in the Context of a Multi-faceted Interprofessional Educational Intervention, Improve Glycemic Control and Processes of Care
P108Trust in Each Other: A Key Ingredient in Provision of Interprofessional Care – Results from an Interim Analysis
P109The Use of Self-reflective Learning and Interactive Technology to Support Interprofessional Education
P110The Continuing Education Implications of an Ethnographic Study of Interprofessional Collaboration and Patient Safety in General Internal Medicine
P111Mentoring Experience of Participants of the International Medical Graduates Mentorship and Clinical Assessment Program in Manitoba
P112Physician Learning Program
P113Interactive Workshops on Motivational Interviewing: Gaining Patient Acceptance of Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotics Early in the Course of Illness
P114Learning Engagement and Outcomes Measurement Process for an iPad-based Point-of-care Education Program with a 4-stage Program Evaluator
P115DISECKT – Cutting Edge Self-assessment
P116Quality Improvement and Safety Learning in Medicine (Q-SLIM): Customizable Competencybased Web Learning for Health Professionals
P117Integrating Patient Level Data and Practitioner Behavior Change to Increase the Value of a Medical Education Series
P118Mixed Methods Needs Assessment of Interprofessional Preparedness
P119Monitoring for Metabolic Syndrome (MS) in Patients on Atypical Antipsychotics and/or Mood Stabilizers
P120Overcoming Invisibility: Recognizing the P120 Variety of Professionals Attending Regularly Scheduled Series (RSS)
P121Continuing Medical Education in Saudi Arabia: Experiences and Perception of Participants
P122Interprofessional Communication Failures in the Medical Emergency Team: A Video Observational Pilot Study
P123Electronic Continuing Medical Education in Saudi Arabia: Perception of Participants.
P124POCKETsnips2: Point of Care Knowledge Exchange
P125Physician’s Perceptions of the Impact of External Feedback Strategies on Identifiying Practice Gaps, Increasing Knowledge and Guiding Practice Change