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O001Global Health and Intercultural Education: Advice Provided by Health Professionals in India
O002Evaluation of the Internationally Educated Health Professionals’ (IEHP) Initiative in Newfoundland and Labrador
O003Four-year Collaboration in CME Among Latin American Institutions
O004Using Modified Nominal Group Technique in Developing a Competency-Based Curriculum
O005Implementing mLearning: Crafting a Mobile Learning Strategy for Non-Profit CME Societies
O006Educational Outreach: Supporting BC Physicians in Continuous Learning with an Accessible Multi-modal Strategy
O007Flying Blind: Facilitation of Online Interprofessional Education
O008Outcomes of a Continuing Medical Education Activity on Motivational Interviewing for Smoking Cessation Conducted in a Virtual World
O009Combating the Stigma Related to Mental Illness: An e-Learning Best Practice for Physicians and Other Health Professionals
O010Social Network Analysis
O011The Democratization of CME: Social Network Analysis of an Online Knowledge Building Community
O012The Development of a Qualitative Meta-ethnography Web-based Tool
O013A Self-paced, Walk-by Interactive Learning Tour of “Lymphomas of the Skin” for Pathologists and Laboratory Professionals Using iPads and LCD Learning Stations
O014Supporting Simulation with Online Prerequisites
O015Using Case Simulations to Reinforce Clinical and Communication Skills
O016An Innovation in Continuing Professional Development to Improve Doctors’ Clinical Performance by the Use of Unannounced Standardized Patients
O017Developing a Research Agenda from a Continuing Medical Education Activity
O018Preliminary Findings: Mapping Practice Boundaries and Intersections Between the Domains of Continuing Education, Knowledge Translation, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
O019Moving Knowledge Translation (KT) Science Into Action: An Inter-professional, Communitybased CPD Strategy for Improved Diabetic Retinopathy Assessment
O020Integrated Knowledge Translation: An Active Partnership Between Researchers and Health Care Providers
O021Understanding Relationships Between Hospitaland Community-based Diabetes Programs in a New Model of Diabetes Care Delivery in Ontario
O022Evaluation of an International Community of Practice in Type 2 Diabetes: Value, Feasibility and Lessons Learned
O023Evidence into Practice Through Synergistic Partnerships: Self-monitoring of Blood Glucose in Non-insulin Using Diabetes
O024Enhancing the Quality Improvement Outcomes of the CCO HPB Community of Practice
O025Improving Clinical Safety and Effectiveness Through Interprofessional Development Through Project-based Learning in the Clinical Safety and Effectiveness (CSE) Course at UT Health Science Center San Antonio
O026Improving Quality of Care Through a Provincial Standardized Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Program
O027Validation of the Manitoba Practice Assessment Program
O028Surgical Competence and Performance
O029Evolution of CME/CPD: Integration of Different Learning Styles Throughout the Years for Quebec Family Physicians
O030Assessing Interprofessional Challenges in the Field of Oncology: An Approach to Identifying Performance and Educational Needs of Healthcare Teams in Communication and Collaboration
O031The Accelerated Education Program: A Framework for Interprofessional Continuing Education to Support Innovation in Radiation Medicine
O032All for One and One for All: Individual Versus Collaborative Online Learning in Continuing Education
O033Promoting and Assessing Continuing Medical Education Learning Outcomes Via a Personal Learning Plan©: A CME Best Practice
O034Development of a Theory-based Instrument to Assess the Impact of Accredited CPD Activities on Clinical Practice
O035I Have a Dream: Our CPD Office is the Cornerstone for Value Creation in the Healthcare System
O036Collaborative Needs Assessment Study
O037Designing pre— and Post-Activity Competency Assessment for a Large-scale Annual Meeting Scientific Program: Integrating Assessment of Practice Gaps and Educational Needs in the Planning Process for Future Activities
O038A Survey Study of Resuscitation Skills Retention Amongst Health Providers in Newfoundland and Labrador
O039An Approach to Evaluating the Impact of an Overall CME Program
O040Recall, Retrieval, and Reconstruction: CME Tests That Measure Learning Outcomes While Aiding Learning